Many stirred by Haarsha's touching story of her miracle. She recieved this as Pastor Chris ministered at a healing service where she was privileged to be on the healing line

Haarsha Baraj was subjected to a life of pain and misery as a result of hypothyroidism and digestive problems. “I couldn’t eat normal food. I was always tired and it showed in my looks. I couldn’t focus at work, and I was also becoming very forgetful,” she explains. “I felt sad that I was unable to do the things a normal person would do on an average day. All the joy had been drained out of me; I didn’t even have the energy to laugh at a joke.”

This was Haarsha’s condition until she encountered the power of God at the Healing School. She recounts her experience since then: “Since I was healed, I became full of energy. I get up in the morning feeling refreshed. I’m very focused at work and I’m there for my children always. My memory is perfect; it’s brilliant to be able to remember things when you want to. It’s been so wonderful! Glory to God!”

So many had come for the opportunity to witness the manifestation of God’s love at the upcoming second healing service of the 2017 Autumn Session. Their lives were transformed by the anointing of the Spirit. For more inquiries about Healing School sessions, kindly visit or download the Healing School Mobile App.

Glorious Testimonies Unfold at Second Healing Service of 2017 Autumn Session

Past Healing School students inspire faith with testimonies of healing from various ailments.

It was a time of testimonies and praise reports at the 2nd healing service of the Autunm session. The atmosphere of faith in the auditorium was at a climax, as the congregation witnesssed awesome tales of the miraculous experiences of past students of the Healing School. Every one of them was healed and restored by the power of God through their contact with the anointing at the Healing School.

Sandra Taderera came to the Healing School in despair and agony. Having been told that she would never have children, she had all but given up when she heard about the Healing School. With a baby in her arms, Sandra testifies that she was healed by the Word of God, and she encouraged others to put their faith in God, who is never late.

Little Mphoe Radithupa suffered heart failure at age two. Over the years that followed, her mother watched helplessly as her once lively and vibrant child became quiet and dull. Constantly in pain, Mphoe struggled to breathe, walk or do anything for herself. To give her baby a chance at a normal childhood, Mphoe’s mother brought her to the Healing School, believing that her child would be made whole. Today, Mphoe is hale and hearty, a living testimony of God’s infinite kindness.

Diagnosed with enlargement of the heart and hypertension, Dorah Langazane lived a life of pain and limitations. She became depressed when she learned that there was no cure for her disease. Dorah affirms that she came to the Healing School, because she knew that she would be healed. Her expectations were fulfilled when the man of God ministered to her at a healing service just like this one. Now, Dorah is healed, and she ministers healing to others.

Faith and anticipation continue to increase as more people who had once suffered terribly from sickness share their testimonies with the congregation. It’s the set time for miracles!

Manifestations of Power and Love as Pastor Chris Ministers at Healing Service

All forms of oppression were gone forever as Pastor Chris healed the sick, cast out devils.

Shouts of joy erupted from the crowd as the man of God, Pastor Chris, entered the auditorium. It was the time they had been waiting for; the hour of visitation!

Ministering with the power of the Spirit, the man of God cast out devils, healing the sick of their infirmities in the name of Jesus! Sickness, disease and all forms of oppression were gone forever, and the people will never be the same again. All in attendance were in awe of God’s amazing grace, and they glorified the name of the Lord more than ever as they watched the Word come alive.

Those who had come in to the service sick and in pain were completely changed and they marvelled at the wonderful transformation that had happened in their lives. One by one, the students rushed to the centre of hall, demonstrating their healing, rejoicing and lifting their hands in thanksgiving to God.

Second Healing Service of Autumn Session Concludes with Salvation and Blessings

Pastor Chris leads many to Christ, utters blessings over partners and visiting ministers.

“Healing belongs to you, and there's no reason anyone who calls on the name of the Lord should not be healed,” said Pastor Chris at the just concluded healing service. “Because God loves us, and every one of us is important to Him.”

Celebration and rejoicing was in the air as the man of God specially welcomed ministers and guests from various countries who were present at the service. Many came forward to proclaim Jesus as the Lord of their lives as the man of God made the call for salvation.

Closing, Pastor Chris expressed gratitude to the partners of the Healing School. “Thank you for changing lives. Every time you see a miracle here, it’s got to do with your partnership. May God multiply your seeds sown and increase the fruits of your righteousness,” he said.

Undoubtedly, everyone present has received something from God, whether they came to receive a miracle or to witness the miraculous. Glory to God!


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