1st Healing Service of the HEALING SCHOOL Autumn Session

Many Share Expectations for the First Healing Service in the 2017 Autumn Session

Students, visiting ministers and partners converge with high expectations at the healing service.

It was the day that the Lord had made, and many gladly rejoiced in it. The beauty of the Lord radiated from many faces as people from various nations converged for the first healing service of the 2017 Autumn Session in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Students, visiting ministers, partners and other invited guests all shared one thing in common as they waited for their momentous encounter with the anointing – the desire to witness and experience the extraordinary. Watch, in the featured video, as some of the attendees shared their expectations for a divine touch from God.

Atmosphere of the Anointing at the First Healing Service in Autumn Session 2017

Uplifting songs and earnest prayers open up a much-anticipated time of the miraculous.

The first healing service of the 2017 Autumn Session commenced, as the Healing School auditorium in Johannesburg, South Africa, buzzed with exuberant joy and excitement.

Uplifting songs of praise and glory filled the arena as thousands worshipped in perfect rapture. Many had long awaited this day, when their questions would be answered and their problems brought to naught.

Making power available for the miraculous through fervent and earnest prayers, the congregants at the servicat declared faith-filled words, till the atmosphere was supercharged with the anointing. The dreams and hopes of many were set to be fulfilled, anticipated the demonstration of the love and compassion of God for all to see.

The first healing service continued to unfold, taking each one to higher realms of glory.

Faith-Amplifying Testimonies of Past Students Inspire Faith at Healing Service

Congregants at the Healing School auditorium inspired by testimonies from past students.

Wonder and delight were the evident expressions on the faces of those seated at the first healing service of the Autumn Session 2017. Faith was inspired and increased as each listened to past students testify, one after another, of the great and mighty things that have taken place in their lives as result of their time at the Healing School.

Prior to her attending the Healing School, the quality of Safa Raie’s life was below what she would have desired. Suffering from urticaria, she was allergic to so many foods, and ingestion of any one of them meant a hurried trip to the hospital. Needing a transformation, she came to the Healing School, where one touch from God changed her situation. Safa can eat anything now, and she testifies saying, “it’s not just that I received my healing, I received my life back, and it is full of the miraculous.”

When Thembelihle Khumalo received the dreaded diagnosis that she was HIV positive, she felt that her life was over. She became very sad and was preoccupied with fear of death. Weak and unable to work, life became a series of visits to the hospital. Her hope was restored when she came to the Healing School and encountered the anointing. Today, Thembelihle is HIV free, testifying to God's goodness and grace.

One afternoon in 2014, 7-year-old Sesha Mokgogwa fell and fractured her femur. Her mother, Sefemo, took her to the hospital, but during treatment, it was discovered that her bones were weak, having developed abnormally due to osteogenesis imperfecta. Her life changed immediately. This little girl was hospitalized for several weeks, after which she was placed on crutches to aid her when walking. Sad that her child should go through this, Sesha’s mother brought her to the Healing School, where the power of God made her whole. It’s been 3 years, and Sesha hasn’t needed to use crutches ever since!

Chronicles of the Miraculous Continue at the First Healing Service

Anticipation reaches its peak as more testimonies stir faith in an expectant crowd.

The testimonies continued to pour in as the first healing service progressed. Truly, the Lord is gracious and kind, and His mercies are unending.

25-year-old Patience Nkomo woke up one morning and suddenly found herself unable to walk. She was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus and kidney failure. That was the beginning of her ordeal. She became so weak and tired, till sleep could no longer bring a refreshing. Seeking restoration and a brand-new life, she came to the Healing School. Her strength was restored, and Patience couldn’t be happier.

24-year-old Kelvin Kudakwashe was full of visions for his future until he noticed that he was losing balance when he walked. He had to undergo several tests before he was diagnosed with lumbar disc degeneration. The condition persisted for many years, and it affected his education and everything around him. Dependent on others and confined to a wheelchair, he became angry and frustrated at the circumstances of his life. Hoping for a miracle that would give him back his life, he found his way to the Healing School. He went home with a wonderful testimony on his lips and thanksgiving in his heart.

Agatha Matambanazo's testimony is one of restoration and liberty. Her story started in 2013, with heavy bleeding. After diagnosis, she was found to have cancer in her uterus. Despite various treatments, she became weaker and weaker. She couldn’t eat, and she couldn’t do anything for herself. Her life deteriorated to the point where she only moved between the washroom and the bed. It was in this sorry state that she made her way to the Healing School. After the man of God ministered to her, Agatha’s life turned around completely. Full of life and energy, she testified to the glory of God in her life.

Pastor Chris Casts Out Devils, Restores the Sick, at the Healing Service

Cancers, tumors, migraines, headaches, other ailments, healed in the name of Jesus.

Ecstatic shouts filled the arena as the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, arrived in the auditorium. Everyone rose as he began to minister to the sick with power and the anointing of the Holy Ghost.

Running, jumping, shouting, screaming and crying, the students rejoiced for their miracles. This new found happiness, this time of restoration and release has been their longing for ever since they heard about the session. At the healing service, their dreams and desires became reality.

Cancers and tumors, migraines, headaches and backaches, diabetes, hypothyroidism and heart disorders, HIV and other blood conditions were all gone in the name of Jesus! What an amazing sight it was to behold!

The crowd watched in awe and amazement as many demonstrated their healing, doing things they could not do before. Praise to the Name of the Lord was on every lip as they celebrated the remarkable manifestations of the Spirit. Hallelujah!


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