I Thank God For My New Job!

When Pastor Chris came to Johannesburg for the Higher Life Conference, it was a time of divine appointment for me. I’m from Durban and was going to Johannesburg for a job interview but the interview didn’t happen. I attended the conference and when Pastor began to pray for the sick; though I wasn’t sick but I tapped into the anointing in the prayer and my faith was mightily strengthened. I eventually got another job in Pretoria and was offered a position as the financial manager from being just a junior accountant with less than a year’s experience. My salary was doubled and all my expenses have been paid for!

Khubayi, South Africa.

Healed From Spondylolisthesis!

I was involved in a motor accident that affected my spine and triggered the affliction of spondylolisthesis in my body. As a result of this, I was unable to bend or turn my upper body without extreme pains. Despite the prescription of painkillers and lumbar support to alleviate the pain, no permanent solution was in sight. But, when I heard about the 2015 Healing School Autumn Session in South Africa, I registered to attend as a student. I needed complete healing and I greatly desired to be free from these pains. At the Healing School, after series of faith teachings, my faith soared and I was ready for my miracle. When Pastor Chris ministered to me, he laid his hands on my forehead, touched my spine and finally blew on me; then he held me up. Immediately I was healed; running, bending and jumping without hindrance. Thank you Pastor Chris for allowing God use you mightily.

Ronald, USA

Miraculously Released From Detention!

In the month of January, I was put in detention in Bulgaria. While there, I took my own communion in the detention camp and I also prayed. The following day, the security came to tell me that I have been released. I was wondering what happened because my lawyer was yet to file my case but I knew I had received a miracle. Thank God for the power of the communion.

Ade, Bulgaria

Healed From Hemorrhage!

I was having a terrible discharge and smell from my body for the four months. I had been to the doctors and taken all kinds of medications meant to produce results but to no avail. This issue was becoming so embarrassing and causing me discomfort but praise God for the June Worship and Miracles Communion Service with our man of God, Pastor Chris. As many were getting healed, my faith rose and I also believed and received my miracle! I am totally dry with no foul smell. Hallelujah! God bless you dear Pastor for being a blessing to me. I’m finally free!

Doreen, Ghana

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